Photography Courses & Workshops

The Studio offers Photography Courses & Workshops during Fall, Winter and Summer sessions (and occasionally in between). Classes are kept small to allow plenty of hands on instruction. New classes are being developed all the time so check back occasionally or contact us with your suggestion / request for a class or workshop.

Next scheduled start dates for courses presently offered 
Basic Digital Photography 1- SLR

July 17, 2019

Digital Photography 2- SLR + Intro to Lightroom Fall 2019
Mastering TTL Flash workshop (Nikon and Canon)

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Photographing People (Moving Beyond the Basics)
May 8, 2019
The Digital Camera Workshopavailable for corporate sessions


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Beginner to Advanced.



Basic Digital Photography 1- SLR

Do your photographs reflect your imagination and vision?
Ever wonder why some pictures look amazing and others don't?

For students who may be new to photography & digital cameras, or those looking to refresh their photographic skills,
this course will introduce the creative and technical possibilities available to the photographer using the single lens reflex (SLR) digital camera.

Through demonstrations, hands-on practice, weekly assignments and critiques, you'll learn about pixels, resolution, image size & quality;
the advantages of shooting in different file formats; camera set-up, white balance, f-stops, shutter speeds, lenses, focusing, depth of field, exposure & metering;
and how to use the many settings and functions of your camera. You will learn how to use natural light more effectively, how to compose a good photograph,
how to better recognize picture taking opportunities and how to capitalize on them.

With a greater understanding of the basics of photography, you'll develop the skills and confidence to take better pictures.

Prerequisite: A digital SLR or mirrorless camera and basic computer skills.
This course curriculum is also offered in one on one private instruction. Please inquire

July 17 - Aug 14 ------------------------------ registering now
Class size is limited to 6 students for this course offering only
5 Wed evenings 7-10pm
Registration Fee: $325.00 + HST
Class time: 15 hours
Instructor: Shane Kelly
Location: Around my kitchen table, Portugal Cove, NL


Digital Photography 2 - SLR + Intro to Lightroom

Building on the fundamentals established in the Basic Digital Photography 1-SLR course, DSLR-2 continues to explore those concepts in
greater detail while introducing new areas of study, both technical and creative, to improve your photography. Emphasis is placed on
the use of light, composition and proper exposure.

Additional topics to be covered include: fine tuning your camera's set up and menu options; employing RAW capture to gain
increased flexibility, control and output options; establishing proper color management and workflow;seeing, shooting and working in
black and white; finding artistic inspiration in the work of others;using light more effectively to create mood and emotion in your images;
and an introduction to using Adobe Lightroom for advanced image processing and more refined adjustment.

Weekly assignments, Q & A sessions and on screen critiques offer timely feed back for improving your work.
Participants are encouraged to bring plenty of curiosity and lots of questions!

Class size is limited to 5 students for this version of this course.
Prerequisite: Basic Digital Photography1 - SLR or equivalent experience. A laptop with a recent version of Adobe Lightroom installed would be
ideal as the small class size allows for plenty of hands on insruction.

Fall 2019 ------------------------------ please email to be notified when course date is finalized.
This course curriculum is also offered in one on one private instruction. Please inquire.

6 evenings 7-10pm
Registration Fee: $375.00 + HST
Class time: 18 hours
Instructor: Shane Kelly

Location: Around my kitchen table, Portugal Cove, NL



Photographing People - Moving Beyond the Basics

This course is for photographers who have an understanding of the basics of photography & camera handling and are interested in improving their technique and developing their own style. With an emphasis on photographing people in candid, documentary and portrait situations, topics covered include: using natural light to produce expressive photographs; fine tuning exposure and composition; using color & contrast to achieve impact; taking an idea from concept to final image - the creative portrait; street photography, travel photography & photojournalism; and an introduction to studio lighting systems and equipment.

Lectures, demonstrations, slide shows and hands-on practice will clarify the technical aspects of photography while encouraging creative approaches to picture making. This course includes a full day studio lighting / portrait workshop, including review and critique of your images and weekly assignments. Using their past work, as well as new images, students will learn how to better edit / critique their own work and produce a stronger portfolio. Students should be prepared to shoot new images each week and expect a steady stream of photographic related discussion and exchange of ideas. This course is open to digital photographers using DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Please see prerequisites below.

Class size is limited to 12 participants.

Prerequisite: Basic Photography 1 - Digital SLR or equivalent experience (please call or email)

May 8 - June 5, 2019 ------------------------------ registering now
5 Wed evening classes 7-10pm
1 Sat 9am- 4pm (June 1)
Total class time: 22 hours
Registration Fee: $425.00 + HST
Instructor: Shane Kelly
Location: The Cochrane Centre,42 Bannerman St, St. John's, NL


Mastering TTL Flash - Canon and Nikon

Are you unsure of how to use your external flash unit properly? Do you panic when you do have to?
Do your flash pictures have that flat, stark, deer in the headlights, one dimensional look? Having exposure problems too?

Today's small flash units are capable of so much more.

Flash is probably the least understood topic when it comes to digital photography, but with a good foundation and a little practice
there is no end to the ways it can be used.
Whether you're just starting to use flash, disappointed with your flash photography or want to bring
your present flash technique to the next level, this comprehensive full day workshop will give you the knowledge to use small
TTL flash units with confidence and the skills to produce more creative images.

Discover how to use flash so it doesn't scream...... FLASH !!!!!!

Dedicated to improving your on-camera and off-camera TTL flash photography and starting with the basics of how
TTL flash actually works, the topics covered include:

:: using the various modes and controls on your flash and how they relate to the different exposure modes and settings on your camera
:: the differences between regular TTL and balanced TTL flash
:: balancing flash and ambient light
:: preventing red-eye; using bounce flash
:: employing flash compensation to fine tune exposure
:: using fill flash inside and outdoors
:: knowing when and how to use flash filtration to achieve proper white balance and when to mix things up a little to get a more dynamic result
:: using high speed sync (HSS, FP), slow sync, rear curtain sync modes and flash exposure lock
:: using flash accessories more effectively
:: hands on instruction plus lots of technical and creative tips

Fall 2019 ------------------------------ please email to be notified when course date is finalized.
This course curriculum is also offered in one on one private instruction. Please inquire.
Saturday 10am-5pm
Registration Fee: $175.00 + HST
Instructor: Shane Kelly
Location: Canon Wood Hall, 8 Military Rd., St. John's, NL


The Digital Camera Workshop

The Digital Camera Workshop is an ideal short course for those who have just purchased, or will be purchasing a compact digital camera.
If you’ve been using a digital camera but just can’t figure out all those menus, settings and buttons, this hands on course will clear up the mystery
and allow you to get the most from your camera. The workshop walks you through the various camera functions, operations and computer options available to the digital photographer. Topics include: using menus & settings, selecting image size and quality; understanding pixels, resolution and image file types; understanding exposure and metering; choosing auto or manual exposure; optical vs. digital zoom; setting white balance; using flash; transferring, storing and backing up images on your computer; basic image editing, cropping and resizing; and how to prepare your images for email, websites and printing. Class size is limited to 10 participants.

The Digital Camera Workshop will be offered on the following dates:

Not presently scheduled - Please inquire if interested in corporate or group instruction.

Instructor: Shane Kelly

Shane Kelly is a Newfoundland photographer. He has been working as a freelance editorial, commercial, fine art and music photographer in St. John's, Nfld for 29 years and teaching photography courses for the last 17 years. He has exhibited locally, nationally, been awarded 8 Nfld & Labrador Arts & Letters Awards in the Senior Photography / Visual Arts division and produced over 25 album covers for Nfld musicians.

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