Shane Kelly has been working as a freelance editorial, commercial, fine art and music photographer in St John's, Nfld, Canada for 26 years. He has exhibited locally, nationally, been awarded 8 Nfld & Labrador Arts & Letters Awards in the Senior Photography / Visual Arts division and produced over 25 album covers for Nfld musicians.

Shane became attracted to photography through his love of music. Bridgett's Pub, an institution for great live music in St John's, Nfld, was the Kelly's family business for 30 years and it was quite natural that he should end up involved in it. Shane insists that he learned how to "see" not by looking through the camera as an adult, but as he tended bar as a young child when his father would take him to work with him. His father told him to watch whatever goes on in the pub. Most importantly, as Bridgett's was a neighborhood tavern and watering hole for blue collar workers in it's early years, he was told not to let beer bottles build up on a patrons table because if a woman came to the door looking for her husband, it would be impossible for him to say "I just stopped in for a quick one on the way home from work." The other important piece of advice was, "If the liquor inspector comes in, run downstairs and hide in the chill room!"

While running the pub from 1984 - 1994, he began photographing the musicians onstage and also photographed major recording artists in concert in Newfoundland and abroad for various publications. This eventually led to requests for album cover photography and publicity shots from local musicians. As he ran the pub & freelanced part time, the desire for photography to become a greater and more integral part of his life became evident and a new career began taking shape. The Kellys closed Bridgett's Pub in 1994 and Shane has been working full-time as a photographer ever since.

Shane continues to photograph musicians on a regular basis and create interesting documentary images of whatever crosses his path. His work covers all aspects of photography and he is available for editorial assignments, commissioned portraiture, documentary style wedding coverage and commercial work.

He has been teaching photography courses in St. John's, Newfoundland for the past fourteen years. Please see the Photography Courses page for current offerings.